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As a professional manufacturer of motorcycle led Light, we design, manufacture and export motorcycle headlight,led headlight bulb and led motorcycle turn signals products.

By choosing AutoTech, you are choosing to work with a manufacturer that possesses a combined asset of expertise and quality.

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Customize Your Motorcycle Led Light

We are adept at customizing  functional and high quality motorcycle led light products. And we take pride in meeting nearly all of our clients’ demands. You could get your customized products from us in only 3 steps.

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What Makes Us So Special?

Up-to-date Designing

Designing every led light with utmost confidence, AutoTech owns a team of skilled and passionate designers with over 8 years of experience in producing designs. We have more than 200 patents in designing. We are continuously researching the latest motorcycle lights market trends to ensure that our products click with your end customers. And our R&D team launches 1-2 new products every month to keep up with market changes.

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100% Aging Test Products

After the led lights completed on assembly line,we will conduct 100% aging test for up to 1-2hours base on different lights to guarantee long lifespan.The test help us to identify any potential defects or weaknesses in the production. It help us to ensure motorcycle lights reliability and durability as time goes on.

Quick Sample Service

Stock samples are provided within 3 to 5 days upon request while our factory prepares our goods for shipping.

In our efficient and independent workshop, The skilled and experienced engineers will help complete the new sample production within 5-7 days. Our quick sampling is also aided by a well-supplied inventory of raw materials.And our ready-made samples also helpful to deliver fast for your assessment.

More Benefits of Choosing Us

Free Consultation for motorcycle lights

Free Consultation

Our expert designers are happy to give you advice in terms of customization. Starting a project within your budget is vital to us.

Flexible Customization for motorcycle led light kits

Flexible Customization

Any details, from color and size to a logo, that you want on your motorcycle led lights products, can be turned into reality with AutoTech.

Strict Quality Control of motorcycle lighting products

Strict Quality Control

Quality management runs through the whole process. QC staff, scientific tests, and machines are the cornerstone of our business.

highly responsive manufacturer

Quick Response

We know that a highly responsive manufacturer is crucial for your business. That is why any of your inquiries will be answered within 12 hours.

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