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motorcycle lights design

Customizable Designing

Custom motorcycle lighting products from Auto tech will help solidify your position in the market by following rising market trends. Our team can custom motorcycle light kits with any color, material and led bead design base on the needs of clients.You can also include functional features such as multiple lighting colors and wattage to your led lights. Click here and see more customization options.

Our experienced engineers will work with you in constructing a light by your specifications. It will help you achieve a good balance between cost and function. With our team’s help, your custom headlight or turn signal light can attract traffic to your business from the market.

SMT Manufacturing

Accuracy and speed are important for motorcycle light kits production.That is why our team utilizes Surface Mount Technology (SMT) machines.It enables us to provide competitive prices and quality led lights products.

Using high-end equipment, our dedicated and experienced workers can correctly mount these electronic components like resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits (ICs) and others onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). SMT assembly processes are highly automated, which helps reduce the labor costs and manufacturing costs. At the same time, SMT technology shortens the lead-time and ensures high-quality electronic devices on your orders. The technique also improve long-term performance and durability, which is helpful to enhance our brand loyalty.

SMT Manufacturing
automatic soldering for motorcycle lighting

Automatic Soldering

Automatic soldering is a key technology to manufacture electronic components onto PCBs by using automated equipment.

It ensure solder joint quality and placement,reducing manufacturing time and improving led motorcycle lights reliability.Compare with manual soldering,automatic soldering reduce the labor cost and ensure motorcycle lights quality and reliability.It helps us to offer competitive price and quality products to our clients.

Light Beam Pattern Test

Perfect light beam pattern is one of our top priorities. Every led motorcycle lights will test the light beam pattern and optical design before launched. In our lab room you can accurately and clearly see the light shape, orientation, and uniformity of the light beam pattern on the wall and ground.

By evaluating the cutoff angle and intensity of the light beam,it helps us to ensure the led beam meet  the ruler standard. At the same time enhance the safety for both drivers and pedestrians on the road.

light beam pattern test
packing and delivery

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging and delivery are important aspects of the overall product experience. Suitable packing ensure motorcycle light kits are protected well during transit. Before shipping out your orders, we thoroughly inspect each item to ensure they are clean and presentable. Usually we pack motorcycle lights with inner boxes and outer boxes preventing damage from impacts or vibrations. You can also choose the special packing to meet particular delivery method.

With our advanced equipment and experienced workers, we can fulfill large volume orders and ship them out within three to four weeks. Thanks to the short lead-time of the production, AutoTech gives you an edge over the market by offering new motorcycle with light before your competitors.


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